About Renee
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Why did I choose to be an Esthetician?
From the moment I stepped foot into a salon, I knew I would focus my career in the beauty industry. Esthetics were intriguing to me because it focused on educating the client on the best, most effective way to treat and take care of their skin, while at the same time boosting their confidence and gaining their trust.
What are my strengths?
Esthetics to me is an equal blend of knowledge, beauty and the ability to help a client relax and unwind. As an esthetician I strive to give my clients tranquil treatments that are customized to what they need specifically, as well as all the necessary tips and products to help them improve their skin outside of the treatment room.

What excites me about my job?
The most exciting part of what I do is seeing a client’s reaction after a wonderful facial treatment or an eyebrow wax or tint. Knowing they appreciate your service and your talent is truly gratifying. Having clients who trust you is the greatest satisfaction in the world and that makes me come to work each day with a smile on my face.